Friday, September 25 2020

Our First Trip

We are going away next week for a night - test run all the systems work. Going north to Altea.

I am still not working due to Covid-19, end of year now before I go back. We will be having a few days away each month until I am allowed back to work. Going to be taking my paints with me, as well as sketching gear. As it cools down we will head south and inland and start exploring Spain.

Powered up

We have a 12v system installed and working.

The battery runs the water system and lights, when they arrive. 

We also have a 12v power point for the shower system.

The solar panel is keeping the battery charged and managed and it works inside the window so no need to set it up outside when it only needs a small top-up.

I have also put in another mains power socket ready for extended trips when we need more time inside the van.


Sunday, August 23 2020

Test Run

Saturday, August 22 2020

Inside Our Holiday Home

Friday, August 21 2020

First Steps

Well, we have made the decision! We will be touring Spain and then Europe when I retire.   

In the meantime we will be getting away for short breaks. Going  south in the winter months, and north in summer, exploring Spain first. We have lived here for 5 years and not seen anywhere apart from the South Costa Blanca. With the pandemic, travelling by caravan gives us the best of both worlds - seeing Spain and staying safe.